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dramma per musica

31. Oktober   -  dramma per musica

on such a night

With Portland Opera’s production of Le nozze di Figaro opening on Friday, I’ve been in constant Mozart mode for the past couple of weeks while I prep my pre-performance talks. During a recent YouTube scavenger hunt, I ran across these ...


19. September   -  dramma per musica

i’m still here

Commence blog reboot in 3…2…1… Hello again, dear readers! When I published my last post here at the beginning of June, I hadn’t counted on taking an extended summer hiatus, but for various reasons (including an ascent of Mt. ...


7. Juni   -  dramma per musica

him who despises us we’ll destroy

I can’t help wondering what audiences thought of this scene from Peter Grimes when the opera received its premiere performance at Sadler’s Wells sixty-six years ago today.


22. Mai   -  dramma per musica

Wagner’s King, King’s Wagner

James King (1925-2005) On May 22, 1813, Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig, Germany, an event that, for good or ill, forever changed the way we think about and listen to opera. Exactly 112 years later, James King, whose reputation as America’s ...

18. Mai   -  dramma per musica

a man of genius

“In Mahler we have lost a man of genius, a man who brought important ideas to the artistic life of our times, a seething, driving force, a great agitator and a great educator, and a master of his art. How do those lines run in his beautiful ...


18. Mai   -  dramma per musica

i want to win an ipad 2!

MeridaHome at Design For Mankind is having an amazing contest to win an iPad 2, so it’s time for a huge shout out! Lots of people will be doing the same, but I’ll bet I’m the only opera blog that’ll post about it. Winners will ...


9. Mai   -  dramma per musica

turandot redux (redux)

For the reader (was it Jo perhaps?) who contacted me yesterday via chat about the alternate endings of Turandot, check this post from February 23, where you’ll find sound files for Franco Alfano’s complete original ending and the finale ...


7. Mai   -  dramma per musica

chat with me

Busy times for me right now, but I haven’t disappeared. If you look over to the left side of the screen just under my most recent posts, you’ll notice that I’ve embedded a chat box. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways of ...


26. April   -  dramma per musica

der ring ist mein!

Or at least the tickets to it are.


23. April   -  dramma per musica

peter lieberson (1946-2011)

More sad news this morning. American composer Peter Lieberson died in Israel while undergoing treatment for lymphoma. He was 64. Lieberson is perhaps best known for the 2005 cycle of five songs on Neruda poems dedicated to and premiered by his wife, ...

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