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Frequently Asked Questions

Must there be a certain form or standard in composing a link document?

There are few constraints. We wish only to keep a certain cohesion in the descriptions. We shall refuse too personal a formulation, (such as : “I offer, on my super web site, all the articles about the concerts I have been to”) and we will give preference to a more neutral style of writing, (i.e. All the concert articles of an enthusiast, (more than 200 articles”). Please note also that telegraphic style is not appreciated.

Our best advice : let yourself be guided by the style of other links.

The document is thus formulated :

  • Title page : keep it simple
  • Page address : starts by http// …
  • Category : the website addresses are categorised. Nearly 60 categories are at your disposal : there is surely one that suits your website.
  • Description : use a resume style, be concise.

We highly recommend you not to copy, especially when there is a layout. You would probably end up with °#2453 or °#7654, unfortunately illegible. When a text proffers too many such figures we, unfortunately, will be unable to validate it.

Likewise, we do not appreciate the excessive use of capital letters, likened to aggressive behaviour on the web. We allow ourselves the right to reformulate, simplify or restrict de-scriptions when we validate, only for comprehension reasons. If texts submitted are too different from what we recommend, these will not be validated.