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Frequently Asked Questions

To whom does Classissima belong ?

Classissima belongs to the company e-media management, consulting and management office.

In the year 2000, we launched the web site “”, a french speaking web site for theatre professionals, which has since be-come a web site of renown in this field.

Now with Classissima, e-mail management once again throws it’s self into this adventure … even more ambitiously and with the firm belief that the cultural field is a land mine of passion and excellence which merits quality web sites.

e-media management is independent of all official musical organisations, particularly classical musical organisations. Impartial, Classissima is the web site for all those who are interested in classical music.

You may write to us, preferable in French or English. Otherwise, for the other languages of the web site, we may need a delay in order to trans-late...

If you cannot do otherwise, you may write to the e-media management’s main office, specifying “Classissima”.