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Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor or Member : what is the difference ?

Visitors :

Every internet user may consult Classissima (all except the pages : “preferences” which are for members use only) read all the articles, ex-plore all links to other web sites. The visitor, reader only, will stay strictly anonymous.

Members :

Classissima allows you the opportunity of becoming an active member and of contributing articles to the web site. For example : to be able to register a web site in the directory, (ONTHEWEB) or to indicate your preferences, you must first become a member.

To become a member of Classissima is free of charge. Personal information which you write in will not be communicated to a third person, con-formed to our “privacy charter”.

Your e-mail is not registered on the webpage and in this way you will not receive any (unsolicited email) spam which could inundate your mail box.

After having registered, we will confirm your registration. You will then go to this address http://… which will appear : your account will be activated. You will now be able to log in using your e-mail and pass-word. Thus you may, as often as you wish participate in the life of Classissima, and contribute to the musical information and latest news.

To become a member means also registering and receiving the Classissima’s monthly information letter, receiving also, periodically, the “La Une de Classissima” and novelty information.