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Frequently Asked Questions

What can one find on Classissima ?

Every day Classissima strives to elaborate it’s information service, to simplify access to information and enhance the information available on the net. Thus Classissima evolves rapidly.

At present Classissima offers the following rubrics :

  • HOME : Classissima’s home page assembles different subjects in or-der to give preference to a panoramic view of and to update information on classical music. Also it offers :
    • a quotation (section VERBATIM)
    • anniversaries (section EPHEMERID)
    • divers news published by different sources,
    • and, each week, emphasis placed on a quality web site on classical music.
  • ONTHEWEB : a DNS, around 6 000 web sites in connection to the theatre.
  • Classissima also offers a unique link system to 5 000 bibliographical notes on composers on Wikipédia, as well as performers, conductors, and this as soon as their names appear on our web site.