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Whether your activities relate to culture or not, you want to present your products, your brand or your events with a target population sometimes passionate, often demanding, always curious. Choose Classissima!

Internet and music settle permanently in the heart of all cultural backgrounds. Classical music and opera will particularly benefit from the opportunities of the web: artists and work diversity, diverse knowledge and expectations, importance of information quality, share and exchange need, and absence of border...

Classical music and opera are doing well, even if the crisis does not spare the music industry. Concerts and live performances fill halls, some radio or television capture beautiful hearings, sales of disc are not so bad. The public interest in classical music and opera is growing, loyal and solvent.

Classissima is a collaborative website dedicated to classical music and opera. It offers to music lovers as to the merely curious, the opportunity to share their tastes and their preferences.

Classissima is also a "specialized" portal and manages a global directory of websites related to classical music: almost 6000 are available today!

Classissima incorporates editorial content and multimedia products by third parties in the language of each country covered. So far or at very short term, Classissima exists in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, ...

Classissima is totally free for users. Innovative Information services will arrive soon for them. By partnering Classissima now, you will contribute to the vitality of classical music and opera, and development of cultural diversity.

On Classissima, you can display your ads in one or more languages.


Three forms of advertising are currently available:

  • banner on the site, priced CPT (cost per thousand) depending on the size and location,
  • banner on the monthly newsletter, priced by size and location and number of subscribers on the date of the contract,
  • sponsorship links: "Research", "Home", "News," "On the web" ... fee to the period: month, quarter, half year

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Technical specifications - Banners on the site and newsletter

To meet the charter of Classissima, forms of intrusive advertising are not accepted.

  • LOCATION: Top (displayed on every page)
    VOCATION: Wide horizontal
    Maximum WIDTH: 728
    Classical Formats: Leader board (728x90), Monster (728x400), ...
  • LOCATION: Left (displayed on every page)
    VOCATION: Medium size, square or vertical
    Maximum WIDTH: 180
    Classical Formats: Small Rectangle (180x150), Skyscraper (120x600) Wide Skyscraper (160x600), ...
  • LOCATION: Built 1 (home page only)
    VOCATION: Format narrow, vertical or square
    Maximum WIDTH: 300
    Classical Formats: Medium Rectangle (300x250), Square (250x250), ...
  • LOCATION: Bottom (displayed on every page)
    VOCATION: Wide horizontal and middle horizontal or square / rectangular
    Maximum WIDTH: 728
    Classical Formats: Full banner (468x60) Leader board (728x90), Monster (728x400), ...