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May 9   -   The Glass

Heavy Hands, 40 Digits

Just a way to get this to more people rather quickly since the clock is ticking, this is yet another group that needs your contributions, THIS time, however, the group known as Heavy Hands, is comprised of double-bassists, and it consists of Lisa Dowling, Gregg August, Greg Chudzick, and Brian Ellingsen. This upcoming concert is featuring the music of Robert Honstein and Tristan Perich Heavy Hands is a modern string quartet featuring 4 inventive, innovative, versatile, virtuoso young Bass players: Gregg August, Greg Chudzick, Lisa Dowling and Brian Ellingsen. After finding common ground and shared ideas at the Bang on a Can Summer Institute, our goal was obvious – to create a new kind of String Quartet and commission composers who will make a valuable, exciting and lasting contribution to much needed Double bass repertoire, to give our instrument a vehicle for its unique capabilities, and to challenge and educate modern day listeners of concert chamber music. Promo video for Heavy Hands campaign If the group’s goal of $3,000 is met, not only will the composers receive the commissioning fee that they deserve, their works will enjoy a documented live performance at The Gershwin Hotel on May 10, 2012, that can then be recorded, promoted and added to the list of new Double bass repertoire for others to enjoy! Heavy Hands Indie a GoGo drive

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