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May 10   -   parterre box

Season well

Overture! Light the lights! And what heights you hit indeed, cher public, in La Cieca’s “Gold Standard” competition . The level of attention to detail of balance of repertoire, sensitive casting, and sheer yearning for dementia in your comments suggested that as a group, the parterriani are ready to take on the artistic direction of any of the world’s great theaters. A few of you exceeded even these generally elevated standards, and La Cieca will recognize you after the jump. Two honorable mentions go to a couple of hors concours participants, who as charter members of the Parterre Posse are not eligible for prizes in this or any other competition. Congratulations, nevertheless, go to Our Own Enzo Bordello and Dawn Fatale for their exemplary seasons. Also worthy of the lofty praise were Sempre Liberal‘s Trojan War-themed season , Grimoaldo‘s elaborate opening night festivities , and ianw2‘s lineup, which would have been a contender but for skimpy details on revivals. And now, the winners! For “Gelb’s Folly,” who could best a season that included among its offerings such sublime/ridiculous contrasts as “Jenufa — Netrebko/Mattila/Antonenko/ RD Smith (Belohlavek, cond.) / Luisa Miller — Guleghina/Bocelli/ Hvorostovsky/Morris/Domingo as Wurm (Armiliato, cond.)” Brava Rysanekfreak! The competition so utterly fierce for the “Best in Show” that the Blue Ribbon Panel was torn by dissent, with one of the senior panelists flinging down her clipboard in disgust and shouting, “No! I don’t understand!” At long last, as she so often did during those long-ago nights at the West Side Club, La Cieca threw in the towel. Her Solomonic solution: “Why not have a bit of both? Thus the “Best in Show” award is a tie: UpB7, for a minutely and realistically detailed plan (spread over several comments) Baritenor, for a visionary if impractical galaxy of Sternstunden Each of the three winners will receive a coveted Amazon gift card in the amount of $100. And now, La Cieca must get back to the pressing duty of selecting her parure for Opening Night 2016.

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