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December 2   -   Kenneth Woods- A View From the Podium

Hans Gal Piano Concerto a 2016 Gramophone Magazine Critic’s Choice

We’re all very, very pleased and proud to see Sarah Beth Briggs’ wonderful AVIE Records recording of piano concerti by Mozart and Hans Gál get a Gramophone Magazine Critic’s Choice of 2016 from Guy Rickards in the year-end issue of the magazine. Bravos to Sarah and my wonderful colleagues in the Royal Northern Sinfonia. Congrats also to producer/engineer Simon Fox-Gal for guiding the recording process so artfully. This was a particularly wonderful project to be part of. Sale! Hans Gál- Piano Concerto and Mozart- Piano Concerto no. 22 in E-flat, K 482 £12.00 £9.00 Add to cart Available from the Downbeat Store at a special Christmas/Gramophone party price for a limited time only here: You can read Guy Rickards’ original Gramophone review here. “If there is a happier twentieth-century piano concerto than Hans Gál’s of 1948, I don’t know what it is…Sarah Seth Briggs gives a wonderfully balanced reading of music that seems familiar—in its Classical poise and charm—and strange (much occurs beneath the surface, especially harmonically, that confirms its modernity). Kenneth Woods and the Royal Northern Sinfonia accompany superbly…With crystal clear sound, this is the most enjoyable concerto disc I have heard since Krenek’s Piano Concertos (4/16) and Pritchard’s Wall of Water (5/15). Hang on, didn’t Woods conduct those, too…?”

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