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December 5   -   Drew McManus - Adaptistration

Fort Worth Symphony Reaches Tentative Deal And No Details From Pittsburgh Symphony

One day after a report that bargaining was stalled, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) announced it reached a tentative agreement. The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), which had been mediating the negotiations, released a press statement on 12/04/2016 announcing the tentative deal. The musicians have scheduled a ratification meeting for Wednesday, 12/07/2016 but as of now, there is no work if the musicians’ negotiation team plans to recommend their colleagues accept or reject the offer. Likewise, no details about the tentative agreement’s terms have been released. The FWSO has cancelled all concert events through the end of 2016, however, if an agreement is reached, it wouldn’t be unusual to see the organization reactivate events or schedule something new to reduce the sting for ticket buyers who missed out on concerts. Speaking of recent agreements, although the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) recently ended their work stoppage, they aren’t in any rush to release details about the agreement. When asked for a copy of the changes between the most recent and latest master agreement, Micah Howard, Chair, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Committee, declined to provide written details. Likewise, Louise Cavanaugh Sciannameo, PSO Vice President of Public Affairs declined to acknowledge requests for details about the new agreement. So even though both sides were anxious to sell their respective talking points to supporters throughout the course of the dispute, neither seems inclined to share the details of the subsequent agreement with those same individuals. We’ll have to wait until one or both parties have a change of heart or the agreement is made available before we discover the actual terms.

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