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December 13   -   Norman Lebrecht - Slipped disc

Report: Trump wants Andrea Bocelli

The president-elect is struggling to find musicians who will agree to play at his inauguration. Donald J Trump has shown no great interest in the arts, and many in the arts recoiled from the abrasive tone of his election campaign. It is now reported, in the New York Daily News’s Page 6 , that the president elect met on Friday with the Italian crooner Andrea Bocelli, offering him up to a million bucks to sing on inauguration day. A source exclusively told Page Six, “Trump has a long-standing relationship with Bocelli, and wants to ask him in person to perform. The plan is to have acts at the inauguration that are meaningful for Trump, and he’s a huge fan of Bocelli.” Any repertoire suggestions? Picture from a 2010 event at Trump’s Florida estate

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