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April 16   -   ArtsJournal: music

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What We Learned About Audience This Week: Is Streaming Good For The Arts? How About The Death Of Retail? This Week: Is streaming performances good for the arts?… Why Are we still allowing ticket surcharges?… Another study tells us how to build arts audiences… TV’s audience base is slipping away… How will the ... read more AJBlog: AJ Arts Audience Published 2017-04-16 Welcome to the Ride Waaaaaay back in 2011, as communications and research VP of a newly re-launched arts funding organization old enough to be an antique, I devised (with friends and colleagues) a bike ride that we named ... read more AJBlog: The Bright Ride Published 2017-04-16 Weekend Extra: Bud Freeman With Art Hodes Coleman Hawkins made the tenor saxophone a jazz instrument. Bud Freeman (1906-1991), two years younger than Hawkins, followed as another of the horn’s early masters. Freeman (pictured) started on C-melody saxophone and ... read more AJBlog: RiffTides Published 2017-04-15 Blogback: Francis Naumann on Duchamp’s Remakes of the “Fountain” Readymade Art historian and gallerist Francis Naumann responds to Plumbing Duchamp’s Urinal: How Erudite Art Historians Piss on Simplicity : As you can well imagine, I took considerable offense in your remarks, as you go on to ... read more AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2017-04-15 The Late, Great Derek Walcott Folks, This week CultureCrash guest columnist Lawrence Christon looks at the legacy of the Saint Lucia-born, US-residing poet Derek Walcott, who died March 17. I share Christon’s fondness for DW’s verse, and was pleased ... read more AJBlog: CultureCrash Published 2017-04-14

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