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April 27   -   ArtsJournal: music

Top Posts From AJBlogs 04.26.17

A failure of SHIFT — there wasn’t much buzz Why I’m writing these posts about SHIFT , a festival featuring orchestras from around the U.S., coproduced in Washington by the Kennedy Center and Washington Performing Arts, with all tickets affordably priced at $25): ... read more AJBlog: Sandow Published 2017-04-26 Out-of-Towner Downer: Metropolitan Museum Considers a Xenophobic Admission Policy Saul Steinberg‘s famous New Yorker cover portraying how Manhattanites view the rest of the world came to mind when I read Robin Pogrebin‘s NY Times article about the Metropolitan Museum’s tentative (to my mind, wrongheaded) proposal to discriminate against out-of-towners in charging admission fees. ... read more AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2017-04-26 Sotheby’s Pumps A Nascent Market It may have been just a matter of time: today Sotheby’s announced an inaugural sale of contemporary African art, saying that this market in recent years has undergone “a long-overdue correction.” ... read more AJBlog: Real Clear Arts Published 2017-04-26 How Charles Lloyd stays marvelous During the 50 years since his breakthrough album Forest Flower (released in February 1967, recorded live at the Monterey Jazz Festival the summer before) ... saxophonist-flutist Charles Lloyd has been unusually popular for an adventurous jazzman. ... read more AJBlog: Jazz Beyond Jazz Published 2017-04-26

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