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April 30   -   ArtsJournal: music

Top AJBlogs From The Weekend Of 04.30.17

Black Eye Porn “Normally The Guardian publishes all of Rowson’s cartoons, but I don’t think this one. He mailed it to Heathcote who forwarded it to me. Heathcote wrote the lines when I asked him.” — Gerard ... read more AJBlog: Straight|Up Published 2017-04-28 On charging admission at the Met The New York Times reported that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is looking at options to make its “suggested” entry fee into something a little stronger than a hint, at least for people who live ... read more AJBlog: For What it’s Worth Published 2017-04-28 Nora and the mansplainer In today’s Wall Street Journal I review the Broadway premiere of A Doll’s House, Part 2 . Here’s an excerpt. * * * Hugh Kenner defined conceptual art as that which, once described, need not be ... read more AJBlog: About Last Night Published 2017-04-28

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