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August 13   -   Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

Mariinsky Ballet: La Bayadère; Contrasts review – truly elevated company

Royal Opera House, London Even when ballet gets silly, the Mariinsky’s dancers are in a class of their own

There are two processions in La Bayadère. The most famous is in the scene known as the Kingdom of the Shades, in which 32 ghostly girls in white tutus move down a shallow slope into death, and with grave dignity and profound synchronicity perform a sequence of tilted arabesques. It is the vision of classical ballet as most people know it. The other comes earlier, at an engagement party. This one features girls with parrots on their wrists, a Golden Idol carried aloft on a tray, a stage elephant and a stuffed tiger that owes more to Disney than to the jungle.

What makes the Mariinsky such a great company, one that you must watch if you want to understand anything about ballet, is that they dance both with the same conviction, keeping their traditions alive with the sheer quality of their dancing and the depth of their belief.

Viktoria Tereshkina has a depth, a sense of emotion in all she does that springs from the dancing itself

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August 13   -  Mariinsky Ballet: La Bayadère; Contrasts review – truly elevated company

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