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The Boston Musical Intelligencer

August 31   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

BCMS’s Fauré, Debussy, Fine; Hall Needs Help

The press devours controversy (and should be admired for often synthesizing its own food). One minor ripple in this frog-pond of journalism has reflected the acoustical properties of the Mosesian Theater at Watertown’s Arsenal Center for the ...

August 27   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Two-Pianists’ Odd “French Connection” Choices

The program offered by pianists Frederic Chiu and Andrew Russo at Maverick Concerts on Sunday afternoon, August 26th, seemed a curious one. Maverick is celebrating anniversaries of Debussy and Ravel this summer, so it was appropriate to have both ...

August 27   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Dancing into Fall in Wellfleet

Jon Manasse, clarinetist, and Jon Nakamatsu, pianist, presided over a splendid end to this year’s Cape Cod Chamber Music Festival on Friday, August 24th. As with the preceding concerts, the audience in Wellfleet’s Congregational Church was ...

August 26   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

TFCM Is All About Immersion

As a follow up to the six excellent reviews BMInt staff writers submitted on the recently concluded Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music (links are at the end of the article), this overview summarizes the importance of the Festival: its main ...

August 24   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Auld Lang Syne For Now for Kotzschmar Organ

The celebration honoring the widely renowned Kotzschmar Memorial Organ at Merrill Auditorium in the City Hall of Portland, ME, concluded in grand fashion on Wednesday, August 22nd, precisely 100 years after the instrument’s inauguration. It was ...

August 23   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

BSO Chamber Players’ Hodgepodge

The programming for last evening’s concert in the Florence Gould Auditorium of Seiji Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood seems to have been made more on an occasional and practical than a thematic basis, and the most common thread was the highlighting of ...

August 23   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

When A Community Values Music: Portland’s Organ

Merrill Auditorium stage set for silent film and organ (Richard Bunbury photo) Portland, Maine’s Merrill Auditorium organ is not only surviving, but also thriving. Just as symphony orchestras and bigger-budget arts organizations have been ...

August 23   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Brilliant Close for Sevenars from Lynelle James

Lynelle James is the granddaughter of the Sevenars founders, Robert and Rolande Schrade, now 87 and 83 respectively, who began the series at South Worthington, MA, in 1968. It was so named because their five children, whose names all begin with ...

August 23   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Appalachian Spring Used All 13 PCMF Musicians

For the closing concert of its 2012 season, the Portland Chamber Music Festival put up a pleasantly wide-ranging program capped by a bright idea. Specifically, after two weeks of small-scale chamber works utilizing numerous performers, Artistic ...

August 22   -  The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Firebird and Gil Rose Take On The Face

In choosing Boston’s new-music Firebird Ensemble to perform for his new opera, The Face, instead of “pitching it to an established opera company,” California-based composer Donald Crockett continued in a collaboration he called ...
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