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October 21   -  

Spira Mirabilis: the orchestra without a conductor

In a sports centre in Formigine, a quiet Italian town near Bologna, I am listening to an orchestral rehearsal unlike any I've heard before. Around 40 musicians sit together in a closed circle; in the centre is… nobody. This orchestra, ...

October 11   -  

Tim Steiner's Mission Ruse and the real power of music

The tourists witnessing this cultural skirmish in Ruse's city square are beginning to wonder if they're on Candid Camera. "Ooh!" A classically-trained singer, Ana-Mariq Spataris, concludes her solo operatic squeak by ...

September 24   -  

Riccardo Muti's resignation: Does Italy have an opera problem?

When the conductor Riccardo Muti walked away from Rome's Teatro dell'Opera the other day, citing a lack of "serenity", one could scarcely blame him. Beset by financial cutbacks, strikes, deficits, alleged corruption, booing ...

September 7   -  

Katie Derham: Prom queen on a musical mission

Do you remember the film Pleasantville? Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon as brother and sister transported back to a perfect 1950s American town where everyone lives in black and white, polite, safe and utterly dull? As they bring ...

August 28   -  

Salomé's feminine wiles have inspired writers, painters and musicians for 2,000 years

You just can't keep a bad woman down. In the case of Salomé, an archetype of subversive sexuality since the first century AD, she never seems to stop unveiling, and re-veiling, herself. /

August 26   -  

Rachael Lander interview: From strung out to playing strings

The refined world of classical music and the murky depths of addiction are not typically mentioned together. But now a new documentary brings together addicts to face their biggest fears and play, not only together as an orchestra, but on stage ...

August 24   -  

A role worth dying for

Nina Stemme’s shelves may buckle under the weight of the accolades she has received in recent years. Swedish Woman of the Year, the Opera News Award, the City of Stockholm Honorary Prize, Gramophone awards and many more have all winged ...

August 24   -  

James Rhodes: The concert pianist on mental illness and opening up about sexual abuse

Somewhere along the line, classical music has been appropriated A guy walks on in a monkey suit and perpetuates the "amazing scowling genius shrouded in my own artistry" thing. Instead, why not introduce this guy Bach, ...

July 17   -  

Proms 2014: Tasmin Little is preparing for her 20th Proms - but busking is her real passion

One summer night in 1990 a young British violinist named Tasmin Little stepped for the first time on to the platform of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. That concert – plus her first CD, released around the same time – was the ...

July 8   -  

Medea: How Goldfrapp scored the Greek tragedy

How do you solve a problem like Medea? Euripides's play, in which a mother murders her own children as revenge after her husband marries another woman, can be seen as a pinnacle of Greek tragedy: it doesn't get any more howlingly ...
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