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June 16   -  

Why it's high time UK concert programmes opened their doors to music beyond the Western tradition

The British classical-music establishment is full of complacent cultural imperialism. Britain is now a very multi-ethnic society, but you'd never know that from its concert halls. There's an increasingly need for the other classical musics of the ...

May 25   -  

Oedipe: The masterpiece opera is finally getting the staging it deserves at the Royal Opera House

80 years after its world premiere, Enescu's opera is being staged at the Royal Opera House for the first time

April 21   -  

Gender-blind Shakespeare: classic roles to be taken by women

Actresses to play King Lear, Henry V and Malvolio

April 4   -  

Ksenija Sidorova: Princess of the accordion takes 'Carmen' into a whole new aria

Ms Sidorova will unveil her Carmen at concerts in Bristol and Cheltenham in July

March 22   -  

Glyndebourne preview: Seats at Britain's best known opera festival this summer will cost up to £300

As she previews the coming season, Jessica Duchen wonders how opera fans will react

March 21   -  

ENO head Cressida Pollock's exclusive manifesto to save her company: 'I can't allow it to fail'

​Cressida Pollock, chief executive of the English National Opera, is no opera buff. Nonetheless, she thinks she has a plan to turn the troubled company's fortunes around. Here, she outlines her bold rescue strategy

March 20   -  

Budapest Festival Orchestra founder Ivan Fischer on the ensemble's love of song

The orchestra will present Mozart's opera Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) semi-staged at the Royal Festival Hall this May

March 8   -  

Yehudi Menuhin's centenary year: A maestro with many strings to his bow

As the musical world celebrates Yehudi Menuhin, Jessica Duchen reviews his legacy and explains why he is remembered as far more than a violinist of extraordinary talent

March 6   -  

The Other Classical Musics: a new concert series celebrating non-European classical traditions from Afghanistan to Aleppo

A new concert series will celebrate non-European classical traditions. It's about time, says Michael Church

February 21   -  

Ghost Variations: How the extraordinary tale of a lost Robert Schumann masterpiece inspired a new novel

After the piece languished in obscurity for nearly eight decades, a violinist claimed a Ouja board begged her to find it
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