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March 3   -  

Simon Rattle is the seismic, creative shock UK classical music needs

Conductor’s appointment as LSO music director could be catalyst for genre’s revitalisation, from schools to (new) concert halls / Sir Simon Rattle’s return to Britain is a once-in-a-generation opportunity; not just for the ...

February 17   -  

John McCabe: music of iron-clad integrity

The directness of McCabe’s idiom, especially in his later music, gives you the feeling that you’re listening to the irreducible heart of the musical matter / The body of work that John McCabe leaves to the world, after his death ...

February 9   -  

Alan Gilbert is to leave the New York Philharmonic: who will replace him?

Gilbert’s announcement means another key conducting job falls vacant. / It’s getting to be something of a merry-go-round, all of the conductor top-trumps at the major orchestras. With high profile positions at, not least, the LSO ...

February 6   -  

New concert halls - the good, the bad, and the rumours

Jonathan Nott’s move to Geneva will coincide with a new concert hall for the city, Jansons battles on for a hall in Munich fit for his world-class orchestra; and if rumours are to be believed, a similar project might help lure Rattle back to ...

February 5   -  

10 of the best: musical ghosts

As Bryn Terfel returns to the Royal Opera House as Wagner’s cursed Flying Dutchman, we list our other favourite musical ghosts. Tell us what we’ve missed in the comments section below. / It’s no surprise that so much music has ...

February 3   -  

ENO - enjoy the blood-letting, but let's hope this doesn't become an autopsy

What’s really going on at English National Opera? Who knows - but this is really a story about whether we care about opera in the UK. / English National Opera has to live! Or, ENO has had its day, it must die! [Artistic Director] John ...

January 29   -  

Modest good news for music education as government stick to their word

Hubs funding is to increase, but Arts Council England chief Darren Henley has a fight on his hands if he is to safeguard music education / Good - if shockingly mundane - news to report from the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM). The ...

January 27   -  

Danish National Chamber Orchestra fights cuts by crowdfunding

Private donations and public support mean that this innovative orchestra will not be disbanded despite the loss of its state funding / Let’s save an orchestra: the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, which was scandalously disbanded on 1 ...

January 23   -  

A temporary reprieve for the troubled Ulster Orchestra

But the Belfast-based orchestra’s long-term future is yet to be secured / Reports from earlier in the week suggest that the Ulster Orchestra has managed to secure enough cash to maintain its existence in its current form, at least for the ...

January 20   -  

A new 'human' piano is unveiled in Budapest

A ‘revolutionary’ piano, created by Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi, promises ‘sound beyond time’. What does that even mean? / Promotional websites are brilliant, aren’t they? With promises of a ...
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