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August 14   -  

Frans Brüggen: five of his greatest contributions to classical music

To mark the career of Frans Brüggen, who has died aged 79, we look back at some of the conductors best recordings / Frans Brüggen, the Dutch conductor, recorder player and flautist, died on Wednesday at the age of 79. Throughout his ...

August 13   -  

William Alwyn's symphonic vision: will it be vindicated at the Proms?

Alwyns First Symphony, panned by snobbish critics in 1950, is about to receive its first performance in more than 60 years / William Alwyn wasnt hesitant when celebrating the achievements of his five symphonies, the first four of which are ...

August 11   -  

Symphony guide: Vaughan Williams's A Pastoral Symphony

The word pastoral disguises the true intentions of Vaughan Williamss third symphony, which confronted the horrors of the first world war / Its really wartime music a great deal of it incubated when I used to go up night after night in the ...

August 7   -  

Jonathan Mills goes out to his own tune: music at this year's Edinburgh international festival

A composition by the outgoing festival director will feature in one of this years final concerts / Jonathan Millss last season as director of the Edinburgh international festival, which opens on Friday, brings some surprises and some resonant ...

August 6   -  

The great classical music swindle - and why we're better off now

Does todays world of instant access to an entire world of musical possibility suit classical musical culture better than pop? / Some aperçus and soupçons based on those of Paul Morley, with whom I was talking recently for a film ...

August 6   -  

New York's Metropolitan Opera lives to sing another day

New independent expert brought in to help General Manager Peter Gelb and the unions reach agreement / The aftermath of the Metropolitan Operas fractious negotiations last week was that the opera world didnt quite stop turning, Valhalla didnt ...

August 5   -  

Symphony guide: Beethoven's Third ('Eroica')

The story of the dedication of Beethovens Third is the stuff of symphonic legend. Whatever the truth, the victory at the end of the piece doesnt just stand for Napoleon, or Beethoven, but for the possibilities of the symphony itself / Imagine ...

August 1   -  

Musical rarities - the hidden sides of the great composers

From scatalogical Mozart to possibly the worst music Wagner ever wrote, Tom Service unearths five pieces that rarely appear on concert programmes - perhaps for good reasons. / Thursdays Prom of really rarely-heard Richard ...

July 29   -  

Symphony guide: Mahler's Ninth

It's usual to interpret Mahler's last completed symphony as a prefiguring of his death. But different conductors make the work mean very different things / More from 50 greatest symphonies Lets begin at the end. The final page of the last, ...

July 23   -  

Good news for music education... but the fight must go on.

Tuesday brought a Double Victory for the Incorporated Society of Musicians' Protect Music Education Campaign. But challenges remain. / Tuesday brought genuine, actual, bona fide, what-I-call Good News, thanks to months of pressure from the ...
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