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January 23   -  

A temporary reprieve for the troubled Ulster Orchestra

But the Belfast-based orchestra’s long-term future is yet to be secured / Reports from earlier in the week suggest that the Ulster Orchestra has managed to secure enough cash to maintain its existence in its current form, at least for the ...

January 20   -  

A new 'human' piano is unveiled in Budapest

A ‘revolutionary’ piano, created by Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi, promises ‘sound beyond time’. What does that even mean? / Promotional websites are brilliant, aren’t they? With promises of a ...

January 19   -  

Sir Simon Rattle at 60: 10 of his best performances

The great British conductor is 60 years old today. We celebrate with 10 highlights from a career that has transformed musical life in Birmingham, in Berlin, and pretty well wherever else Rattle has lifted his baton. / From catalysing the ...

January 16   -  

Can we ever get to the heart of Mozart?

In a new film for the BBC, I go behind and beyond the myths in search of the still-contemporary power and magic of Mozart’s music / It turned out to be both the simplest and most complex question I could have asked: just why is it that ...

January 15   -  

La Philharmonie de Paris: is this a new musical and social future for Paris?

The controversial concert hall might not have been quite finished and its architect might have elected to stay away from the opening concert, but it still sounded amazing, reports Tom Service / See also: François ...

January 12   -  

This year's classical music anniversaries – and some less usual suspects

Composer anniversaries fuel concert programmes the world over. So here are a few musicians we should be celebrating this year alongside Nielsen and Sibelius / While it’s still, just about, not too late in the month to be still wishing ...

January 7   -  

Classical music in 2014 - stats show the extent of the male-domination

Bachtrack’s statistics, and Christina Scharff’s research, prove yet again that the classical music industry needs to change / Bachtrack’s invaulable work in tracking almost all of the professionalised classical music-making in ...

January 5   -  

Beethoven's heart and Wagner's bowels, and why they don't matter

The trend to draw parallels between the specifics of a composer’s possible medical history and the particularities of his music should come - well, with a musicological health-warning. / Diagnosing composers’ ailments from their ...

December 31   -  

10 of the best: long works

And we mean l-o-n-g … Tom Service selects his 10 favourite time-stretching musical masterpieces / What better moment than the post-christmas lull than to explore classical music’s longest works? It’s a strange truth that it ...

December 24   -  

Tom Service's top 10 live events of the year

Gilliam’s wild imagination triumphed, Norrington was revelatory, and a deconstructed string quartet at the Wigmore Hall / Tim Ashley, Andrew Clements, Rian Evans and George Hall’s choices | Alfred Hickling, Erica Jeal, Martin Kettle ...
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