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May 28   -  

10 of the best: redesigned pianos

Proving that Daniel Barenboim doesn’t have the monopoly on creating new pianos, here are some of the weirdest and most wonderful piano mods / Related: Daniel Barenboim review – interesting rather than revelatory Schubert playing ...

May 20   -  

El Sistema Scotland: Positive outcomes across the board

The first report into the two Big Noise schemes in Scotland suggests long-term benefits across the communities, but assessing the real impact will take decades / News from Sistema Scotland: the first findings of the Glasgow Centre for ...

May 14   -  

How to get your hands on Total Serialism's ne plus ultra

if you have a spare few thousand or two to spare. Otherwise let’s hope that a public institution bid for the fascinating and illuminating manuscript of Pierre Boulez’s Structure 1A / Thankfully I have a spare £20K knocking ...

May 12   -  

The Berlin Philharmonic's stalemate: what next?

Call it phil-disharmony. After 11 hours of voting, the Berlin Phil have failed to choose a new conductor. Just what was going on inside that Berlin church and how they will replace Simon Rattle in 2018? / So that was the election that ...

May 7   -  

Political pieces: 10 of the best

On the day the UK goes to the polls, Tom Service votes for his top ten political pieces, and dreams of a time when politicians pay more than lip-service to the importance of music / As John Gilhooly, chairman of the Royal Philharmonic Society, ...

May 7   -  

10 of the best: musical OAPs

That’s Old Age Performers. We celebrate 10 musicians who, well into their 80s, were still creating astonishing music / Earlier this week, Radio 3 were celebrating youth with Young Artists Day. As a counterbalance to all ...

May 5   -  

Remembering Ronald Stevenson

The maverick composer-pianist was one of the finest musicians of his generation. Tom Service picks his favourite of his compositions / The composer and pianist Ronald Stevenson died on 28 March at his home in West Linton at the age of 87. Words ...

April 29   -  

Bach portrait returns to Leipzig

The best-known painting of the German composer – formerly in the possession of a US philanthropist – is to return to the city that Bach made his home / “Bach is Coming Home!” For once a press release gets it pretty well ...

April 22   -  

Smaller is beautiful: ENO's new season offers invention and ambition

Even if the 2015-16 season’s focus and concentration are the direct result of financial body-blows, this could be a year to remember for the right reasons at the Coliseum / News: ENO announce cloth-cutting new ...

April 22   -  

Play it their way: tap into the expertise of Britain's top classical musicians

Musical Orbit is a great idea, offering one-on-one tutorials with top professionals. Can it overcome the technical difficulties? / Sometimes the internet makes you realise the world can be a place of a nearly infinite musical possibilities. The ...
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