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August 10   -  


I'm sorry to report that next weekend's Ravinia performances of Britten's church parable, The Burning Fiery Furnace, will not take place.  Via James Conlon's website: James Conlon has cancelled two August engagements to undergo surgery to ...

August 5   -  

Kickstarting the Collaborative Works Festival

So, in case you didn't know this already, in addition to running around singing all the time, I'm the Artistic Director and a founder of new-ish organization in Chicago that promotes classical art song and vocal chamber music, Collaborative ...

July 30   -  

Tuesday in the Park with Ben

soundcheck with The Knights in Central Park In case you're free tonight, my concert with The Knights is going to be broadcast live tonight by WQXR from New York's Central Park starting at 7:30pm East Coast time. You should be able to tune ...

July 28   -  

My View Today

In the midst of an slightly insane week, I am enjoying a day in paradise. I love the Rockies.

June 28   -  

Missa Solemnis Words

I sing my first Beethoven Missa Solemnis tonight here in Oregon.  It's a piece about which I have felt extraordinarily mixed and unsure for most of my life.  My first voice teacher revered the piece, as do many musicians I respect greatly. ...

June 22   -  


Jordan Hall in Boston is pretty. And yes, that is an army of guitars onstage. A gaggle of guitars? Very much looking forward to tomorrow.

June 22   -  

Disdain Me Still

" surfeits with reward, his nurse is scorn." Could one imagine a more tragic and deeply sad sentiment? How could love surfeit? How could one ever loved to the point of excess, to the point desiring it no more? Oh, Dowland...that's a rough one.

June 14   -  

For The Weekend

Here's today's sweet video that I stumbled across on my morning surf of the innerwebs: Understand Music from finally. on Vimeo. Happy Friday.

June 13   -  

This I Believe

Loved this 'This I Believe' segment about singing that I stumbled across this morning:

June 11   -  

Happy Birthday Richard

Thanks to my myriad of friends with good taste on Facebook, I was reminded that today is the birthday of one of my favorite composers, Richard Strauss. Happy birthday, Maestro. Thanks for bringing us music like this:
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