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December 13   -  grecchinois

YES Vivaldi

My favorite part of this (aside from how well she sings it) is how she rocks out on that German Latin...


December 10   -  grecchinois


The foggy view from home this morning...


November 29   -  grecchinois

Music and Life

Thanks to my friend, Steven, for passing this daily gem along today.


November 29   -  grecchinois


A California Post-Thanksgiving sunset last weekend. A sunset from above...very pretty above the was a pretty dreary day below.


November 22   -  grecchinois


Saint Cecilia On top of being overstuffed with turkey, there is much to celebrate today in addition to American Thanksgiving. Today is also in celebration of two of the things for which I am most grateful: Music and Benjamin Britten. ...


November 22   -  grecchinois


My family has recently started a new tradition of flying West to gather for the Thanksgiving holiday - a tradition of which I very much approve. Being in my favorite part of the world is always something for which to be grateful.


November 8   -  grecchinois

Elliott Carter

I was quite shocked to receive the news of Elliott Carter's passing on Monday afternoon, which I know might sound strange considering that the composer was just shy of his 104th birthday.  I was lucky enough to meet him for the first time a ...

November 2   -  grecchinois

Today's Horoscope

This was my personal horoscope waiting for me in my inbox this morning. Your horoscope for November 2, 2012   From any point of view, you are entering a terrifically fruitful period, nicholas phan. Today's aspects especially ...


November 1   -  grecchinois


Why don't more of us classical musicians think about this when we perform? The full NEC commencement speech is here.  It's worth a read.


November 1   -  grecchinois

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