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April 18   -  


I've just begun rehearsals for Falstaff in Portland (one of my favorite places on Earth), and I see that Falstaff is already following me everywhere. Even into the bathroom of Little Bird Bistro in downtown Portland...

March 23   -  

Rehearsal Space

My rehearsal space this afternoon. Not too shabby.

March 17   -  

Happy St. Paddy

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone! I never cease to worry that this can't be good for the Chicago River. A fun tradition, nonetheless...

February 12   -  


We found Nemo.

February 7   -  

Fortune Cookies

Considering I had lunch with my by myself today, I find this somewhat confusing.

February 1   -  

Britten in Boston

Rehearsing for Saturday's concert at Boston University's Marsh Chapel. It's such a luxury to make music with such good friends.

January 29   -  

A Pep Talk

Thanks to my cousin, Anna, for sharing this with me.  I'm just passing it on.  

January 24   -  

Waking Up in LA

After all that gloating about fleeing the arctic freeze back East, I woke up to this gloriously gloomy weather this morning in LA. Karma is a bitch, they say UPDATE: That statement about Karma having been said - it looks like the sun came out in ...

January 22   -  

More Moscow

As I get ready to head off to sunnier Los Angeles tomorrow (and try to figure out what time zone I'm in!), I thought I'd share a few more pics from Moscowincluding a fortune from an Aeroflot fortune cookies I was fed on my flight back home Entering ...

January 16   -  

Debuting in Moscow

It's been an incredibly fun week here in Moscow working on Hercules.  Our host has been the most amazing tour guide, showing us some of the sites and making sure we eat at some great restaurants around town, and my colleagues are a wonderful mix ...
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