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June 13   -  

This I Believe

Loved this 'This I Believe' segment about singing that I stumbled across this morning:

June 11   -  

Happy Birthday Richard

Thanks to my myriad of friends with good taste on Facebook, I was reminded that today is the birthday of one of my favorite composers, Richard Strauss. Happy birthday, Maestro. Thanks for bringing us music like this:

June 8   -  

On The Art of Self-Criticism

During my last week in Portland, I had the great pleasure of sitting next to the mother of one of the Portland Opera Studio Artists during his annual recital at the Portland Art Museum (each of the Studio Artists performs a recital annually ...

May 19   -  

Last One

Last night we closed Falstaff at the Portland Opera. :-( Many thanks to my colleagues and friends in Portland for a magical month and some change - it's been an incredible time. Portlandia - I will see you in about five proverbial minutes. :-)

May 17   -  

Floating House

Henry, who filmed the preview featurette for Still Falls the Rain last year, has recently posted a short about some friends who built a house boat out in San Francisco.  The video tells the story of the moment they found out if their ...

May 16   -  

Some Science About Music and Us

Coming from a scientific family with a great interest in music (and being a musician who is rather obsessed with music, myself), I found this little clip a rather fascinating moment while sipping today's morning coffee.

May 13   -  

The Internet and Our Brains

The irony of posting this video here is not lost on me...

May 10   -  

Falstaff Opens

Falstaff opens tonight at the Portland Opera.  If you want to catch a glimpse of what we've been up to these past few weeks - watch this little preview below:

May 9   -  

A Love Letter to Portland

The Hawthorne Bridge at nightA couple of weeks ago over drinks, the General Director of the Portland Opera, Chris Mattaliano, turned to me and asked, "Listen, I know you love it here, but what exactly is it about this city that you love so ...

April 30   -  

The Great Pumpkin...

...has arrived at Falstaff rehearsal in Portlandia. Charlie Brown seems to be missing, though.
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