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4 Février   -  

The Danish String Quartet in Sedona ~ A Review

Chamber Music Sedona presents The Danish String Quartet St John Vianney Church Sedona, AZ February 2, 2014 Here it is, my very first review from my new home in Sedona, AZ! And how timely is it that this wonderful ensemble, the Danish String ...

15 Janvier   -  

My Favorite CDs of 2013

Ok, so, first of all, this list is really late, please accept my apologies for that. Another thing is that I decided that I can’t rank things anymore as it never seems like a fair assessment for anyone to be ranked higher or lower than anyone ...

15 Janvier   -  

Inhyun Kim and Luna Cholong Kang ~ On Luna’s Upcoming May Carnegie Hall Debut

Composer and founder of Ear To Mind Inhyun Kim , and solo flutuist Luna Cholong Kang had a few minutes to discuss the upcoming Zankel at Carnegie Hall debut on May 2nd for the flutist and some of the pieces scheduled for the evening. Among them are ...

28 Décembre   -  

Lisa Dowling ~ Crowdsourcing Kills to Kisses

Lisa Dowling (whom you all may remember from an earlier interview I did ) is back to talk about raising money through for a major upcoming project under the name of Kills to Kisses . This recording, titled Cloven Tongues, is not only ...

23 Décembre   -  

Lawler + Fadoul ~ On Prelude Cocktail and Related Things

Left, Zara Lawler, flute; right, Paul Fadoul, marimba The flute and marimba duo Lawler + Fadoul had a few mintues to discuss their CD Prelude Cocktail, which you folks should most certainly pick up, it is a really cool collection of preludes ...

23 Décembre   -  

Caleb Burhans ~ On Evensong and Related Things

Composer-violinist Caleb Burhans (Alarm Will Sound, Newspeak, itsnotyouitsme, etc.) had a few minutes to discuss his current album Evensong. You can purchase the album here or on the link on the bottom. CM: Can you please talk about Evensong and ...

22 Décembre   -  

Beth Levin ~ On Beethoven and A Single Breath

Pianist Beth Levin had a few minutes to discuss her thoughts on her current recordings of the last 3 of Beethoven’s piano sonatas titled A Single Breath. Please keep an eye on this wonderful soloist, she will be making some interesting music ...

13 Décembre   -  

Allan Kozinn ~ On His Beatles E-Book Got That Something

Allan Kozinn , a gentleman whom you are all familiar with as he has been writing music reviews and articles (first as a freelancer, then full-time) for The New York Times for many years, is here to talk to The Glass about his current E-Book single, ...

12 Décembre   -  

Alex Temple ~ On Her Upcoming Podcast Opera End

Chicago-based composer Alex Temple , whose music you should certainly check out on her website, has a piece coming out titled End that will be of great interest to those of you that might have an awareness of a phenomenon known as “closing ...

22 Novembre   -  

The Rebecca West

The Rebecca West are (L to R): Matt Hammon, Cameron Dezen Hammon, Alex Dezen The Rebecca West, a folk trio that has roots in both the East and West Coast, have made a wonderful debut recording titled Lost And Found (which can be purchased on here ) ...
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