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Joyce DiDonato

19 Gennaio   -  

Realizing Mary

From Mary’s last letter to her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England: “Accuse me not of presumption if, leaving this world and preparing myself for a better, I remind you will one day to give account of your charge, in like manner as those ...

2 Gennaio   -  

Present New Year

You’ll forgive me if I am a bit trepidatious on this 1st day of January, for in our Western civilization, the welcoming in of the New Year inevitably involves saying “Goodbye” to the previous year. I know many people who have been ...

26 Novembre   -  

Realizing a Dream

Words like “lucky”, “fortunate” or “blessed”, although often uttered by myself, tend to make me quite nervous. I suppose I worry that it creates a hierarchy of sorts, or sets me apart in some cloying way. But yet I ...

24 Novembre   -  

Time Travel: via the Royal Waves of Sound

Standing on the stage in Bremen, Germany last week for the second stop of my Drama Queens Tour, I had just finished a nearly two-hour marathon of singing about jealousy, revenge, seduction, lust, despair and ...

29 Settembre   -  

Being Romeo

It was a bold stroke for Bellini and his librettist to title their new opera I Capuleti e i Montecchi rather than go with the more popular blockbuster title, surely ensuring a sold out house: Romeo and Juliet. (They chose to mine more common Italian ...

18 Giugno   -  

A letter from the heart, to you wonderful, aspiring young artists out there!

I received a lovely letter from an aspiring young singer – 18 years of age, trying to determine what kind of mezzo she may be. After all the normal feedback from “the powers the be”, she came to me with a question: “I have been ...

18 Marzo   -  

Grammy Bliss

I have been completely negligent on keeping up with my blog postings of late – I’m afraid the massive volume of music I’ve been facing has taken priority! But I was asked to write a guest blog for the Grammy Website , reflecting on ...

3 Marzo   -  

Camille Claudel: Into the Fire, San Francisco Performances

DiDONATO PROVED AN IDEAL INTERPRETER “As he has done for singers throughout his career, Heggie has made the cycle a glowing showcase for the vocalist. The writing for quartet — filled with insinuating themes and deft harmonies — sets ...

30 Dicembre   -  

End of the Year “Best of” Lists

“Song recitals can sometimes be stiffly formal affairs, but this charismatic mezzo-soprano made Carnegie Hall feel like a living room when she performed a wide-ranging program of Haydn, Rossini, Cécile Chaminade and Jake Heggie with the ...
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