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The Glass

9 Dicembre   -  

Meme and My Shadow

Originally posted on The Glass : I have to say that it feels like it took me forever to get with the program on the internet (I even feel like an outsider for calling it the internet, there’s probably some edgier names for it now that ...

2 Dicembre   -  

The Glass Sho ~ Miranda Cuckson Returns

Photo courtesy of Clarissa Villondo Violinist Miranda Cuckson is back in the interview chair, this time for the Glass Sho podcast ! Miranda talks about her latest release Melting The Darkness and describes the process of studying and performing ...

2 Dicembre   -  

The Glass Sho ~ A Chat With Jeffrey Zeigler

Photo courtesy of Jill Steinberg Ex-Kronos Quartet cellist Jeffrey Zeigler has a new recording titled Something of Life and I recently had the great pleasure of chatting with him for The Glass Sho ! Here he talks about the new CD as well as his work ...

29 Novembre   -  

The Glass Sho ~ A Podcast Chat with Allan Kozinn on The Beatles

New York Times critic/journalist and author Allan Kozinn had another wonderful Beatles-driven chat with me, this time for the podcast The Glass Sho ! We talked about the recently-released mono LP remasters, the fascinating-but-farcical “Paul ...

27 Novembre   -  

Happy Birthday to Hilary Hahn: 2014

Today is Hilary Hahn’s b’day! Please join us in celebrating it by watching her performance from earlier this year of the 4th Violin Concerto in D minor op. 31 by Henri Vieuxtemps with conductor Tugan Sokhiev and the Berlin Philharmonic. ...

25 Novembre   -  

Guest Post: “Taylor Swift, Spotify and the Musical Food Chain Myth” by @DoriaRoberts #irespectmusic

Chris McGovern : Singer-songwriter Doria Roberts has a few words about streaming and ‘free music’ Originally posted on MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY : [Ed. Note: Chris Castle says: We are so lucky to have the opportunity to ...

22 Novembre   -  

Mystery ’Train Song’ Has Beatles Experts Divided

Chris McGovern : Funny, I always thought it was The Beatles when I heard it. Originally posted on SOMETHING NEW : Bill King takes a look at a mystery track that has surfaced recently … The buzz in Beatles circles the past week or so has been a ...

21 Novembre   -  

The Glass Sho ~ Ecouter Ensemble (Preview of their Spectrum concert, 11/21)

The Glass Sho features an interview with the flute/cello (and sometimes piano as well) trio Ecouter (Above, from L to R: Amelie Brodeur, flute and piano; Nikola Ragusa, flute; Natalie Spehar, cello). They discuss their all-new music and visual arts ...

18 Novembre   -  

The Glass Sho ~ Marie Incontrera On Herself, Eco-Music Big Band, and Fred Ho’s Legacy (Preview of Roulette show on 11/20/14)

Photo courtesy of Rae Maxwell Courtesy of Roulette/Eco-Music Big Band Composer Marie Incontrera leads the Eco-Music Big Band in a tribute to her mentor, composer and baritone saxophonist Fred Ho, who passed away earlier this year. The Eco-Music Big ...

15 Novembre   -  

The Glass Sho ~ Kristen Graves Discusses Her Music, Her Causes, and Pete Seeger

CT-based singer-songwriter Kristen Graves sat down and chatted with me for one of my best interviews featured on The Glass Sho podcast! She discussed Pete Seeger and her music, and also talked about how she became the 15th State Troubadour of ...
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